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Originally Posted by Maxstate
Because young parents usually need to work more to pay off things that they recently bought. A 20~ year old couple that just moved into a new house, bought a new car and complete interior furniture set are going to have work that off.
I do not know but one single couple around 20 with kids that just has moved into a house, bought a car and has to pay off tons of things. I rather think the opposite is the fact, the older you get, the more things you have to pay off. Although most people I know tend to buy things *after* they earned the money for it and thus avoid having to pay things off.

This in turn leads to less attention, less energy and less time to spend with their children, which in turn leads to the children not having proper guidance on certain things.
Wrong. Young parents have, despite the fact that they have a job just as older parents have, way more energy to spend than older ones simply because they are younger. Young parents are usually more flexible, and also more flexible in finding ways to spend time with their children.

In general young parents need time to settle down and need more money to be able to feed their kids and themselves and all that crap and will have less time for their children.
Wrong again, young parents need exact the same money as old parents do to feed themselves and a kid. Or do you think kids and young parents cost more money than old parents? In fact the older a kid (and the parents) becomes, the more it costs, because they need more stuff than a baby does.

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