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Ray is correct when he says that younger parents have as much time and in fact have more energy than older parents do.

And I might add that young parents also often have the backup of their own mothers and fathers. Grandparents can be a big help when it comes to bringing up a child. When one is older, one's own parents are unlikely to be able to function as child-rearers. Hell, they may not even be alive.

But there is a significant problem with teenagers having babies. The problem has nothing to do with how much time they can spend with their child, or how much energy they have... It has to do with their lack of experience, and their lack of patience.

To be a parent of optimal quality, one must be

a: patient as a god, and
b: experienced enough at the game of life that one can actually teach one's kids something worthwhile.

Teenagers routinely think they know it all. And to be fair, I've met some damned intelligent teenagers in my time. But the fact is that they know nothing about life, because they simply haven't had time to become good at the game yet. Only those who are excellent at the game have a right to teach the game. And that's what a parent must be, a full-time teacher. Nothing less will do, frankly.

Bear in mind however, that as I said before, most adults don't know anything about life either, because they're lazy good-for-nothing fools who have no interest in learning how the world really works. They pile year upon year onto their tally, but though their body may grow ancient and decrepit, their mind never really grows along with it.

Therefore teenagers should wait until they've gained some experience and patience before becoming parents. And if they NEVER gain experience nor patience... they should NEVER become parents, regardless of how old they get.

So it's not really an issue of age so much as it is an issue of worth. Only the worthy, the moral, the studious and the wise should be allowed to spawn offspring.

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