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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
I do not know but one single couple around 20 with kids that just has moved into a house, bought a car and has to pay off tons of things. I rather think the opposite is the fact, the older you get, the more things you have to pay off. Although most people I know tend to buy things *after* they earned the money for it and thus avoid having to pay things off.
Yes ofcourse, you marry your wife, get a kid and still live with your parents at home untill you can afford living somewhere else right?

Originally Posted by lol
Wrong. Young parents have, despite the fact that they have a job just as older parents have, way more energy to spend than older ones simply because they are younger. Young parents are usually more flexible, and also more flexible in finding ways to spend time with their children.
As I said, settling down leaves you with less money in the end because of A LOT of things that need to be bought. In the situation I presented, lets say the couple just moved into their new 300.000 dollar house. Lets say they took a mortgage on it, paperwork ahoy! Now, imagine the monthly fees for the mortgage loan. Good, lets sink deeper into the financial catastrophe.

You want kids... bam! Rooms need redecorating, clothes need to be bought, food, medical bills, time needs to spent to get everything in order.. all in all a very expensive and stressfull matter.

It's going to be hell trying to figure out a flexible solution for having enough time to be a proper parent to your child and still maintain the same rythm of work to pay off all the financial episodes that come with a child.

Older parents will have settled into the house, will have a more complete home with less byproducts of society to worry about.

Originally Posted by lol
Wrong again, young parents need exact the same money as old parents do to feed themselves and a kid. Or do you think kids and young parents cost more money than old parents? In fact the older a kid (and the parents) becomes, the more it costs, because they need more stuff than a baby does.
As I was saying, older couples will have settled into their surroundings, having taken care of a lot of the things newly wed couples would need to do.

I really don't feel like starting an argument right now, it's clear that you have something personal you want to defend, but I'd like to return to my safe lurk haven.

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