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Originally Posted by Vaderrocks
I think DooM was better for Marchin' in and killin' while DF was better for a good story. DooM, to me, did not even have a story line. I still like DooM better but I have only played the DF demos.

I still play DooM and DF2(demo) with my brother.
You should play the full DF games. There are some nice levels in both, and some great moments in DF2. Like having to move around a roof while TIE bombers are dropping bombs on you, or finding your way off a crashing ship that's tilted at about a 45 degree angle while crates and things slide around.

Originally Posted by Vaderrocks
All in all I enjoyed DooM better. And for those who say that DooM does not support up and down looking, it does with most source ports. Like Legacy and DoomsDay, JDRP, Risen3D (Which I never got to try).
Developement on Risen3D may have stopped, but you can still download the last version that was released. I don't have the URL handy, but I know they put up pages to download it from.
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