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lolz.... now that Im back - I can keep this thread chugging along !! managed to catch GL on his way to an awards ceremony - Gave up some info on the TV series - including the name of a new character in the animated TV series:

Osoka - a padawan, the same species as Shaak Ti

More confusingly, GL described the live action series as:
"... one show that's going to be split up into four shows. Each show focuses on a different character."
Two things he said I really liked:
"SW is not dead...its going to get bigger and better"

When questioned if there will be a Ep 7, 8 , 9.
"No....the skywalkers are done"

Hopefully that will shut alot of people up....nothing is more annoying than people who say they "heard that GL is making 7-9" but never state their source....

video is HERE

finally, here is a pic that came into circulation with the new line of SW toys previewed... believed to be a pic of the CG Yoda from the animated series... Im not spoiler tagging it as we know who yoda is !! Pic from TFN/Rebelscum

Finally, as mentioned in the interview....there is a strong rumour that there will be a preview of the animated series at the C4 Celebration... Too bad I dont live in the US


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