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'Cant one of these so called jedi mindtrick them?' She thought as a TSF officer slapped some cuffs on her and took her to a holding cell. Whether the other companions came along remained to be seen.

"Oh come on.... they attacked first!" She pleaded as a lone guard was left to guard her cell, a young looking man with a pretty little face.

'Wait a minute....' Natalie thought as she leaned slightly forward against the cell so the guard could obviously see down her chest (:P).

"urr... do erm.. do you need something er.. ma'am?" He asked uncertainly.
"Well.... what do *you* want?" She replied as she winked at him, the guard obviously starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Well I ...I erm... what should...." he whimpered as a security droid entered the room.
"Protocol states you should leave, This unit will guard holding cell 22/56." He said as the guard quickly scurried away.

'Nuts, nearly had him, ah well looks like Ill have to wait for my esteemed 'friends' ' She thought as the droid took position against the door, weapon raised and ready.
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