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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
Well, jarjar aside PT is not as bad as you think. I do agree that the scripting/cting is not as good in some places, and the romance part is just, badly done. Its like, if that id how GL would act to a then there is no way there would be Mrs. GL unless GL persuades the with a huge wooden stick and drag her home.

But I don't mind the more heroic and direct approach of things like Flight maneuvers and what not. I mean these are Jedis and droids mostly. Yes I like the way OT did it, despite the fact that things can be done so differently since its space with no gravity and many more things can be changed. But its a different war, so different approach is needed.

Its a different atmosphere, cause IT IS DIFFERENT. There is a difference between a corrupted republic, and a powerful galactic empire.
You're right. It is different, and it's supposed to be different. I don't think different is a bad thing, but I think they could have pulled it off a little better. That doesn't mean the PT are bad movies, I just think they had more potential than they ended up showing.

I do think I should mention what was done right in the PT, and there are several things that I think are worth mentioning. For one, I can safely say the light saber battle in Phantom Menace was phenomenal. It's one of those scenes that I'll watch by itself if I've got a few minutes here and there, even if I don't watch the rest of the movie. Attack of the Clones had some great scenes, namely the fight between Jango Fett and Obi Wan and the light saber duel against Count Dookou (spelling?). I even particularly enjoy the scene where the clone troops come in and rescue the outnumbered jedi by wasting the pathetic Trade Tederation and Geonosians. Even the sense of mystery and darker atmosphere in Ep. II is pulled off in a decent fashion.

There are even some very scenic moments in Episode III, but after watching it several times I'm starting to think Epsiode III is my least favorite (next to Phantom)... not because of the storyline, but because of it's execution. Anikan's unbelievable, almost instantaneous turn to the Dark Side was disappointing. They did more in Episode II to make Anikan's transition to the darkside believable than in Episode III. The execution of order 66 (getting back to the original subject of this thread) is bad, as well as Darth Vader's lame behavior upon suiting up. And let's not forget that awful, pointless filler character General Grievous. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed all of them, and still do enjoy them, I just don't think they lived up to the originals. However, to be fair the PT had a lot to live up to and certainly deserve to be judged in their own right, OT aside. That being said, the PT are still good.
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