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Darranak was too far to possibly stop just like that. "Please, try not to interrrupt me! This is how it's done! Come one, help out! It makes you feel great!" Darranak used his cable and hooked himself to the side of teh wall, swing back and forth to aviod shots and blockging them with his bracer. One tried to climb up. The shot deflected off his boot. Darranak smiled and chuckled evilly, then kicked the man in the face. "I think we're about ready to leave now, whadd'ya say!" More guards were starting to arrive now, and he wouldn't be able to keep away from getting hit for long. he decided to hurry and blast open Zaynes' cage so he was free and they could leave. (This of course implied getting down from the wasll.) His voice tone was normally very low but now it was a couple octaves up.

((alright where did you shoot him? Because if you hit him he will notice it hard later, but he had armor on his boot and knees to block blasters))

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