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Dwain felt the force, and used it against Darranak to put him into a stupor to end his madness. Darranak fell to the ground unconscious.

"I'm so sorry, he normally doesn't behave this way." Dwain apoligied to the TSF officers. He knew it wasn't a good excuse, so then he decided to reframe on what he said.

"I mean... he does act this way! H-he... is my brother, you see, and... uh... is experiencing psycological distress, so... so I'm transporting him to the nearest... hospital for counseling treatment... so to speak..." Dwain's untruthful story seemed to win the trust of the TSF. They deposited their weapons.

"Your brother? I don't seem to see any resemblance." one of the guards pointed out.

"We... Well, you see... he was adopted by my parents when he was a baby and... yeah! You should have seen his face when they finally told him." Dwain smiled awkwardly.
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