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Okay. Where to begin?
It's been a long while since I've been here, or in a forum (actually, when have I ever been in any other forum?), so yeah. Damn, I haven't even played the game at least once during the past year, for the first time in like four or five years.

I wish I could draw (or write, or compose, for that matter), so that I could actually bring something useful to this thread.

For some reason which I fail to comprehend, I can't see the picture posted by Itchythesamurai, so, if anybody could give me a link where I could find it, I'd be more than grateful.

Not very related, but, JamesIsaac, I must say I adore the Concept Art section of your site. I'm always suprised to find a new amazing addition.

Last, but not least: Charie, Sunflower, you know I love those! I remember when I first saw them =) I'm glad to see you have finished, and posted them, as you wanted to =)

Oh, dear! Just look at the time. I'm on vacation (right, as if you can actually call two free, miserably short, days 'holidays'), but I guess I should better go to sleep by now.

El Virus - gosh, I hate that name.

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