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Originally Posted by Lantzen
I quit playing Galaxies a little before the first epansion came out, and i have thogh about start play again. But is it possible to start again when you dont have any expansions(Dont have money to buy all of them). And i also heard that there have been some very big changes in the game, combat is one of them. So is it worth activate my account again??
I am new to Galaxies, but with the SWG-Emu servers in the works, the game should be restored to its original condition before the NGE and CU patches were released that many felt destroyed the experience. As far as i know it is a very bugged game, so could be a waste of money in my opinion. The expansions, however are very cheap to buy these days; go onto the official galaxies website and in it's store you can pick up the original game "An Empire Divided" and all the expansions, "Jump to Lightspeed", "Rage of the Wookies" and "Trials of Obi-Wan" in a pack for a mere $30 (in my country that's only about 18!). It's a worthwhile investment if your still into Galaxies.

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