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Originally Posted by DarthLinde
OK, lightsabers were around for over 4000 years, so how come through all that time, the Jedi and the Sith lords were the only two people smart enough to even think about using them. It's an all purpose tool being a sheild, sword, and metal cutter all in one. Yet, the jedi in all stupidity never once thought to train republic soldiers in using them. Same for the stormtroopers. Nineteen years with hardly any bother and the emperor never thought about training them to use them. If anyone knows anything about this, please tell me because it really bugs me.
Normal people do not have the reflexes and agility that jedi and sith have as you must know that jedi and twice as fast and have reflexes twice and fast as a normal soldier at their worst, a normal soldier is more likely to cut their own head off then some one else's. But thats just my opinion oh and don't bring up the shadow trooper project they are sith knights. Need I say more about shadow troopers?
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