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Revan watched Kira and Atton depart, supressing a sudden urge to take the hilt of his lightsaber to Atton's back, and keyed open a comm signal to Karda.

"Revan to Karda. Kira and Atton are heading around the other side of the platform. Tylor's going to meet them there. I'm on my way to you now. Don't act until I get there. Copy?"

Karda's voice came through in a low whisper. "I copy. See you in a few minutes."

Revan nodded, signaled Tylor with the same orders, and headed off into the trees, throwing a final, uneasy glance over his shoulder.


Kira looked over her shoulder at Revan's retreating back, somehow sensing his unease without the aid of the Force. She tried to send a comforting thought to him, but the Ysalamiri prevented her from reaching his mind at all. She sighed, and turned forward, jumping slightly when she saw Atton watching her, an odd look on his face.

"What?" she said, blushing slightly.

He turned away. "Nothing." He wasn't smiling.


Karda flipped his comm unit closed and turned back towards the platform, crouching behind a large bush beside Rose and two marines, with Tylor and the others securing the perimeter of the platform ahead, preparing for the attack.

"Everything alright?" asked Rose in a hushed voice.

"Yeah," he answered quietly. "Kira and Atton are on their way around to the opposite side of the platform to meet Tylor. We're to hold our position until he gets here and gives the order."

She nodded, collapsing to the ground in a sitting position, massaging her legs. "Glad for that..." she said. "I haven't had a proper sit all day..."

Karda glanced at her. "You sure you don't want to go back to the TARDIS?"

She shook her head. "The Doctor wanted me to go with you, so that's where I'm going."

He shrugged, turning back to watch Tylor respond to Revan's instructions. "So, Rose..." he said after a moment. "How'd a girl like you end up travelling with the Doctor?" He knew the second the words left his mouth that he'd phrased it wrong.

Rose smiled slightly. "What do you mean, 'a girl like me'?"

He didn't look at her. "Well, you're young, just starting out... he's gotta be what, 40? 45?"

She shook her head. "You're starting to sound just like my Mum," she laughed.

"Seriously, think about it! How'd you get caught up with him?"

She shrugged. "I dunno, he just sort of... swept me off my feet," she answered simply. "Blew up my job, took me to the year 5 billion, then 1869, then back to 100 000... And I just sort'of... I dunno, stuck around."

"How'd you guys end up here?" he asked.

She laughed again. "It was sort of an accident... we were supposed to be going back to Earth. That's my planet," she added, seeing the confused look on his face. "It's... long ways off. A galaxy far, far away... Anyway, we got pulled here somehow. The Doctor mumbled something about 'converging temporal trails', but didn't explain. That's just how he is - never really explains anything proper."

"Doesn't need to," said Karda, peering over her back for any sign of Revan. "When he does, I know I sure as Force never understand when he does explain..."


Revan pushed aside a small sapling, revealing Rose, Karda, and a pair of marines a few meters away. Karda turned at his approach.

"Ready when you are," he said, as Revan crouched at his side.

Revan nodded, and activated his comm unit. "Kira, are you in postion?"
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