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(urm... SkywalkerRules. I'd hate to sound like a smartass, but Cade left his ship, the Mynock, behind along with his crew, if I recall. If I may suggest, your character could always think this ship IS the Mynock, when its not.)

Cade felt rather awkward. "Err... thanks! It isn't mine, but anyway..." he climbed into the cockpit, and stared at the control panel. He flicked a few switches, then suddenly an "ACCESS DENIED" came from the monitor screen.

"Damn, the ship is coded. We'll need to find one of the crew members, which is suicide!"

He checked the registrations of whome the ship belonged to. "The ship appears to be the property of a... Rand Holden and a droid, XG-91."


XG-91 was facing the exterior of his ship in the dock. Earlier, he had a long boring, conversation with some other lunatic about this creature who was hunting everyone onboard the Wheel. He knew exactly what he needed to know about this thing, so he could kill it. Or could he?

Alas, he saw the beast stalking and pacing around the dock. XG had a chance of retribution. He unleashed his Cortosis Weaved claws, and stared at the hideous figure.

"You ready for another round, ugly?" XG launched himself at the creature, and took a swipe of his claws against the skin of the monster. XG took a look at his claws... they were ruined! Yes, he did draw blod from the creature, but the yellowish, green ooz seemed eat right through his delicate claws, as if they were slowly melting.

"My melee weapon!" XG cried. "You destroyed my melee weapon! You'll pay for this!"
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