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I'm not able to post much, this will continue for a week or two, maybe more, but I will post as frequently and as much as I can, BTW, thanks for using Okoe for me while I was gone (not sarcastic)

*Okoe on comm with his Lieutenant* "I sense a disturbance in the force, as though billions and billions of life forms cried out, and were instantly silenced...."
*Lieutenant* Well..... that's... nice....? Uh, anyway what do you want me to do?
*Okoe* "I don't like this, bring in the new ship classes we've constructed in the Unknown Regions.
*Leiutenant* What?! A-are you sure about that?
*Okoe* "No, I'm acting stupid and trying to be a funny guy, bring in the ship classes."
*Lieutenant* "Ok, right away sir."

Okoe Kithoran then flew to Korriban, he felt something was wrong there.

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