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hmmm, need more information here, let me reconstruct your situtation.

Originally Posted by christamone
hi- I went on the conveyor belt and then down the chain i guess
So you went up the conveyor belt towards the big crane machine. Now it's the "down the chain" part that's confusing. Did you lower the chain over the conveyor belt side or the beach side where the haircurl like rollers?

and now im stuck in the crane on the beach.....
Are you stuck inside the big crane machine or are you literally on the beach? The crane machine isn't technically on the beach, though it's chain and scooper should be some where on the beach if you lowered the crane. So are you having trouble getting back inside the crane machine? Are you having trouble moving the crane machine back to the conveyor belt side?

every time i restart the game he says " im stuck, theres no ladder". i cant even see him, i think hes stuck in the crane..
okay, this is a clue. Did you make sure you moved the crane machine ALL the way it can go towards the beach? If I remember, I believe this is what Manny says when you trying getting him to jump off in the middle of the crane machine's track rather than either the crane side of the beach side.
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