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"Yeah you better run, meatbag!" XG-91 called out to the beast. He walked up the ramp of his ship, only to find intruders have breached it.

"Ah, more victims on my list. Rest assured, I shall enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of gutting the rest of you!"

"I take it your XG-91?" Cade began.

"Indeed. If you must know, I am a top-grade Assasin Droid. Designed to elliminate any personal of each species. This model is fitted with the best artilery for droids. Now, as I have given you a brief overview of my capabilities, you will find that I am a rather formidable oponent!"

"We need to use your ship, we must escape this station!" Cade persuaded with the droid.

"Peh, your pathetic excuses won't convince me, skin-tube! Now get off my deck!"

Cade sighed, as he used the force to stun the droid. XG fell to the ground, temporarily was paralised.

"Okay, now I'll just access his computer to get the codes for the ship!"


The ship blasted off out of the station, and that the crew saw a blockade surrounding the Wheel. Many Star Destroyers open firing at the station. There was only one Command Ship. Cade sensed Nihl's presence on that vessel. He prommised revenge on what he did to his father, and longed had he desired it!
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