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Originally Posted by ferris209
Everything I read says that Sir Alec Guinness always talked real badly of his Star Wars appearance, I really hate that. His rendition of Obi Wan, and Darth Vader, are my favorite Star Wars characters, it just sometimes kind of takes away from my overall satisfaction of the original Star Wars knowing Sir Alec Guinness hated it so. Anyone else feel the same?
I can see where your coming from. But as a fan i believe that other people's feelings on this matter are irrelevant. What matters most is your own personal opinion and how you enjoy your own expectations in films. The feelings of Sir Alex Guiness don't really matter as it doesn't make the original trilogy anything less than a masterpiece; besides wasn't George Lucas himself quite dissatisfied with the look and appearance of the original trilogy that lead to the 1997 digitally remastered versions of the films and of course the newer trilogy.

Originally Posted by princessmelissa
carrie fisher will always be the what she only did "star wars"
shes still an actress........and shes a good writer.
Correction, my friend, she's known for other films aswell - an example out of the hat would be "The 'Burbs".
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