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This is a couple months old, but I still think it's worth responding to. The original music is still on the new CD, the game just doesn't use the files at all. Unfortunately, all the midi's are packaged into one file. If you browse the CD, it's it's in the Resource folder. The file is TIEMUSIC.LFD. With a little work they CAN be extracted. The easiest way to extract them is with WEDIT, which is actually a Dark Forces level editor. However, both DF and Tie Fighter use .LFD files, so WEDIT can extract the music out of Tie Fighter.

Get WEDIT here.

With WEDIT, open one of the sample levels (it might complain that it can't find DF on your computer, just ignore this). Then, once you open one of the sample levels it came with, go to Tools->Managers->LFD. From this dialog, open the TFMUSIC.LFD on your CD, and you'll have all the non-battle music. Select each file individually (I know it's a pain), pick the "Save As" button and save the file where you want it. Do this for every file.

Be aware that it's still in a special midi format, .GMD files that can't be played in Windows Media Player. However, WINAMP ( has support for these kinds of midis and WILL play them back if you configure the midi plug-in to allow the .GMD extension. Simply re-naming the files will NOT work, though. Also, if you pick "File Info" while listening to the song in Winamp, you can save it as a standard midi file for use in other media players.

If all this sounds hard, it's not. It takes a lot of work, though, seeing as you must use several programs to get the job done. Also, TFMUSIC.LFD only contains the songs outside of battle from the original game. TFMUS2.LFD contains the out of battle music for the expansion packs, and for the songs contained in battle , open ADLIB.LFD.

The part that is hard is if you want to listen to the battle music. It's fragmented, meaning that the songs are broken into a bunch of small midi files. I assume this was necessary for iMuse because the music was constantly changing. So, to be able to enjoy the battle music you'd have to piece the songs together with midi editing software. Fun. NOT! It's not impossible, seeing as I've done it.

Also, you can put some of the music back into the new game, but it involves making a new Tie Fighter CD, replacing the crummy .wav files they included with your own recordings and replacing the in flight music with your own, pre-recorded battle music all pieced together with midi editing software before recording. It's NOT for the faint of heart and requires you have all the right software, including Nero or some equivalent CD burning software. I might put up a guide on how do at least replace the .wav files on my website, as that part isn't too hard.
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