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Cass turned her head, looking at her present traveling companion out of the corner of her eye. "What's that? Going?" She nodded and turned forward again. "Yes, we really ought to, hadn't we?"

She flicked a few switches in front of her; shields buzzed into action at the first flick and at the second, black armor plating emerged and settled into place, covering even the transparent cockpit bubble.

"Before you say anything," Cass said, her hands still on the controls, "yes, I realize we can't see out with the armor in place... damn near indestructable, though. Don't need lines of sight anyway..."

She pushed the throttle control fully forward and the little ship lunged ahead, throwing its passengers fully back into their seats. Cass grinned. "Got a little pep, don't she?"

Even without a line of sight, Cass had sensors telling her what was out beyond their little enclosed space. On top of that, she could 'feel' all of it. She knew exactly where all the ships in the blockade were... and she had 'spotted' a weakness, almost before they'd left the dying station. Now, with turbolaser blasts flying in every direction, she aimed for the weak spot.

"We'll get past them easy," she said with confidence. "Worry about where we're going after that..." she half turned to look back at the silent mercenary. "... unless you happen to have a desired location to be dropped off, that is."

With that said, she redirected her attention to getting away from the blockade. They were hit with several glancing blows, the fifth of which tore away the sheilds.

Shields down! the computer warned. Cass smiled. "Thanks for that," she said to the ship. "Think I noticed..."

But the black armor plating made the little ship rather difficult to see, which is the reason it managed to slip through the blockade. When they were a decent distance away, Cass slowed the little ship to a near-halt and turned it, disabling the shielding over the cockpit bubble.

"There's the end of the Wheel," she said softly. "And if that Skywalker didn't get out, I think I'll choose to be highly annoyed..." Shaking her head, she turned again to her companion.

"Ah," she said as if noticing his presence for the first time. She shrugged. "I don't think you ever answered my question. No, no, you didn't. Where was it you wanted to go?"

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