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Originally Posted by christamone
ok so i tried to save to another file, and it didnt do anything. i still can't move at all. here is a picture i took of my computer screen so you can see what it looks like.
WELL, since you went to the trouble of taking a picture of the problem, I decided to go back to the game and try this myself. Okay, first, can you ext GF normally, as in when you press F1 does the menu screen come up and stuff and you can exit the game normally? I think you can as you said you tried another save file. By the way, is this the only scene you have saved files for?

Now, I went back through my saved files and played from when Mecha first slaps you to when you first get to the beach and you have dropped the crane, so I think I am in the same situation as you. After walking around on the beach, I got some ideas.

1:Manny can actually hide behind the chain on your screen, even while on that ramp that leads to the crane. You may have gotten Manny stuck some where along there, in which case you should be able to gently nudge him out by pressing on the left and right arrows and pushing the forward or backward button gently.

2:He's definitly not on the platform underneath the crane as I found that the first screen you get when he comes of the crane machine is a close up of the moving hair curls, then when you walk down the ramp you get the screenshot you posted (but with Manny in it). Did you see this screen?

3:Just realized something. When you first drop the crane from the crane machine on the beach side, the camera cuts to the screenshot you posted, and NORMALLY then cuts back to the view of the crane machine and the waterfall. That's why Manny would be saying "there's no ladder" as he may actually still be in the crane machine. My suggestion for this problem is to left up the chain by JUST pressing the up button, and if that dosn't work just try pressing up and down, or the right button.

My primary question to you is, Have you ever seen Manny get off the crane machine and got down onto this beach? Has he ever done it while the crane was down?

also, what does this link do you sent me? i tried to open it but its in a compressed file and im not sure how to use it. :\ sorry im not good at this stuff
Download the file to some place you can easily get to (like your desktop) open the extraction file like you would a normal folder, and move the one program in there to your C drive/Program Files/LucasArts/Grim. If you look carefully in the Grim file, and if you saved a lot of games, you should notice that they look like the program from the extraction file that you are putting in their. Once you got it in there, play the game and load the save file that you least recognize (that should be the one you threw in the folder).

I recommen this solution if the problem is strictly technical in nature, in that something froze and won't unfreeze. Hope this helps, otherwise I'm still around.
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