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Secret Messages

Hey, this is a easter egg I found out about on

Go to the rhen var citadel and get to the observatory, the empire's starting cp. Go up the steps and into the brownish colored room. On the wall is a panel with writing in Aurebesh, the star wars alphabet.

If you translate the pannel on the right it says:

"Bla bla bla
This game bla
Is there water
On Mars
Maybe thats
where jedi are"

The pannel on the left has the same thing but is backwards.

If you go to the area underneath the bridge leading to that cp near the rebel base, look on the side to see another message.

"This is a bridge This is a bridge This is a bridge"

On the other side its backwards.

Look at the bottom of the walls at the rebel starting base. Translate the letters and it says "Rhen Var" over and over again. In other areas you will find marking on the bottom of walls that say "Look out fat guy".

Look on the ammo canisters and it says "ammo" and "ammo Supply" on it.

To translate it you need this website:

Happy Easter! If you find any more cheats or easter eggs post them here. Name = Lt. Josef Name = Rambo
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