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Here are the unlockable gallery items and how to unlock them.

Star Wars Battlefront Art - Win Agressive Negotians mission in Clone Wars
Weapons and Unit Stills - Win Mountaintop Defenses mission in Clone War
Hoth Concept Art - Win Battle of Hoth mission in GCW
Endor Stills - Win Battle in the Clouds mission in GCW
Yavin Concept Art - Win The Fall of Yavin 4 mission in GCW
Bespin Concept Art - Win The Liberation of Cloud City mission in GCW
Tatooine Concept ARt - Win Siege of Mos Eisly mission in GCW
Kamino Storyboard - Win Assault on Kamino mission in Clone Wars
Geonosis Stills - Win Battle of Geonosis mission in Clone Wars
Naboo Stills - Win Rebellion on Theed mission in Clone Wars Name = Lt. Josef Name = Rambo
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Please Free Radical, fix this game! ( SWBF )

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