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As the current developer of the JK Unofficial Patch (JKUP), site admin of JKHub, and helper with Jedi Knight Enhanced (JKE), I find this thread full of misinformation.

The window that shows "JK.exe is not a valid Win32 application" only comes up if the JKUP was installed incorrectly. It does not verify which version of the exe before applying the patch; it blindly applies the changes. The zip contains the proper instructions in a txt file for installing the patch. The most important step is making sure that one starts with LEC's v1.00 of the jk.exe before applying the reversion (v1.01 to v1.00) patch or any of the JKUPs. If the exe is "messed up" by JKUP, then fix it just by copying the jk.exe file from the cd back to the hard drive (and make sure it is not set as read-only). If anyone has any trouble with installing a JKUP, he should post in the JKUP project on the Hub, where I (and others) will see the post sooner than anywhere else. By the way, the latest JKUP does much more than change the limit for texture resolutions. Again, see the txt file included in the zip for full details.

Just to clarify: JKE, JKUP, and Patch Commander (JKPC) are completely separate programs. JKE is a JK mod, which requires running JK with a command line param (-path modFolder). Many people have used the slow JKPC for handling mods, but I prefer to use the faster and currently worked-on JKLauncher (which I am also developing). JKE requires the latest JKUP so that certain textures will show up correctly; JKE can run without JKUP without any other problems.

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