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((MA, you mean Slate... not Cade ))

"Why don't we give them a hand?" Cass said cheerfully. "The armor's solid as ever and the shields have recharged almost fully..."

The armor closed again over the cockpit bubble and the shields came active. Just as before, the sleek little 'fighter', if it could be called a fighter, drove forward, this time angling toward the ship Cade and his companions had taken. As they drew nearer, Cass flicked a switch, opening a com channel to the fleeing ship.

"Hello!" she called cheerfully. "You look like you could use a little help... a distraction for the blockade, perhaps?"

With the pressing of a button, tiny lights all around the outside of Cass' ship blinked on, shining brightly, lighting up the ship like a beacon on all sensors of the ships in the blockade. The intensity of the light continued to increase, blanking out the sensors of several nearby ships.

"Son of Skywalker, set your course exactly as I tell you," Cass ordered. "It'll get you through the blockade even if your sensors can't see anything of where you're going." She gave a course heading and spun her ship, dropping below Cade and his friends. "The blockade will have their sensors back in a matter of seconds. Go!"

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