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Just some referances to the films here.

In Bespin Cloud City, go to the carbon freezing chamber. The claw will pick up Han Solo frozen in carbonite after a while, referance to Episode 5.

In Mos Eisly, go to the cantina and listen, music will be playing in there, the same music as in Episode 4 when Ben and Luke go inside.

In any level with republic starfighters, look at jedi starfighters, in all of them is R4-P17 from Episode 2.

My friend has a subscribtion to playstation magazine. One of his issues had a column in it about Star Wars Battlefront before it was released. It had all the maps in the game shown and at the bottom of the article it said that LucasArts included a final secret planet that the magazine writers wern't aloud to give any details about in the mag. Does anybody know what this hidden map is? Please respond. Name = Lt. Josef Name = Rambo
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