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Finally, Lyna wiped her tears and sniffed. "I should've stayed on The Wheel," she said to Wolf, sobbing. She added, "Then I could've never been with that jerk! All I wanted to do for!" Lyna cried again. She felt that Wolf patted her on the shoulder gently.

Lyna smiled. "I guess my mother wanted me to learn about surviving on my own." She sniffed and laid her head on the back of the wall, looking up. "I haven't told you how I became a Jedi.... then a slave girl." Lyna sighed deeply.

Then, she began her story. "It all started when I was an eight month old child..."

"My adoptive mother found me in an abandoned house when she was on a mission. Coral, was her name. She took care of me and loved me so much.
My mother also made me her own Jedi apprentice, when she was honored as an official Jedi Master.

As I grew up, I became very skilled at fighting in combat with a lightsaber, and I also had a great connection in the Force. That's when my mother became ill of a terrible fever. She wanted to be one with the Force, and told me that I should always stay pure in the Force too. She gave me her lightsaber. The one I have here in my bag." Lyna sighed when tears came out of her sad eyes. She wiped them and sniffed.

Then continued silently. "Then a man named Bonty Zam took me in. He was a ringmaster of his circus called Crazy Bantha. He found me in the streets of Mos Eisely when I was fifteen. Years past, and I became his slave girl. I danced for audiences at his circus for credits. The worst part was that...I was shackled."

Lyna looked angry, and clenched her fist. "One night, he wasn't himself. He started to abuse me, which made me afraid. I couldn't take it no more. I slapped him on the head with a bottle he drunk from. Then grabbed my things and ran."

She turned to Wolf and spoke with pride. "I maybe shy and look like a dancer, but deep inside, I am a Jedi. I still have hold of the light side of the Force, and I still believe the galaxy can be saved from evil." Tears came out again, but she smiled.

"I didn't want to blow my cover at first, but I believe...that peace will be restored in the galaxy again. It just takes teamwork. I believe." Lyna started to cry.
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