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Cade felt rather guilty for snapping at Lyna. But he seriously could not go back to Ossus, after what the Sith did to the Jedi Praxeum.

He was sitting in the cockpit, alone at the very moment as it was very likely the others were trying to cheer Lyna up. Except for the Assassin Droid, XG-91, who was currently shut down until repair. He wondered where they could go.

As he heard the early Transmission from that strange woman back at the Wheel, he did exactly as she told him too. Even though she was a complete stranger to Cade, she was a big help. They finally exited the blockade, and Cade looked back at the Station from view being destroyed.

"Maybe we could either go to Tatooine...

What could they possibly do at Tatooine. An interesting choice of destination, Cade thought to himself. Tatooine was a rough desert world with settlements filled with gangsters and the hutts.

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