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Originally Posted by Mr_Calavera
Hey all, been quite a few years since I've been here or played the game. LOL, I had to sign back up with the forums, they had lost all my information during this time.
Anyway, I started playing GF again, but got ahead of myself. Right now I'm on the docks but need to get back to Manny's club. Can this be done?
Yep, in two ways.

1: Go to the blue casket, take the elevator up, when you get off go around up the stairs to the back of the elevator and you should be on your way to Manny's.

2: Go to where Glottis keeps the Bone Wagon, extend that hidden bridge, go into the racetrack, up a bunch of stairs till your outside on a long bridge, go down the bridge pass the blimp, pass the statue and morgue, and you should run into the elevator that takes you to the blue casket.
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