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Originally Posted by martmeister
I'd check out the Error Log, figure out what else was running at the time, and see if there's a conflict. I'd make certain to disable any HP programs that might be running as well as Folding@Home.

I haven't had a problem with my video card (same as yours including Forceware drivers) besides a few freak incidents. I don't know if using an older driver would help.
Thanks Martmeister

Is the error log the same as the PsychoDump file referred to in my error message? It referred me to a file

PsychoDump R553-76698.dmp (62kb)

but when I opened this file with Notepad I only saw garbage. Maybe I need to open it with something else?

Video drivers - I've tried one old set, ForceWare 91.31 - same problem.

I'll get back to you about what else I have running, nothing much I think though.

Thanks for the advice!

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