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Darth Blaze: What the hell was he thinking, it was 6 vs 1. Ah well he's dead now (that's what he thinks).

Sith Masters: What now

Darth Blaze: we are going to hunt down this Skywalker person i keep hearing about. My master is heading over to Yavin 4 to try and discover anything about all of the jedi suddenly appearing everywere.

Then another Jedi came down in a transport. Not knowing what happened on Korriban. He was just unlucky to fly by.

Jedi: You'r under arrest sith scum.

Blaze: What do you think you'r doing. It's 6 of us versus 1 of you, and you'r not even a master.

Darth Blaze lightninged him but didn't killed him yet.

Blaze: Tell me, where do al of these Jedi come from.

Jedi: Never *dead*

Blaze: Lame....
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