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Bugs happen in all games. As for the 'no image' that is normally found on the test centre and are placement holders for the current image to go there.

Galaxies has changed alot but the communities furry was really aimed at the way SOE conducted themselves with the changes and keeping the community in the dark. There ARE too many servers and some are like ghost towns, however alot of the euro severs seem to have a strong user base with new players joining all the time.

I reviewed NGE at launch and rated it 3/10 because the idea was good but the game just couldnt handle the combat (lag and controls). However, they have re-introduced some of the old camera controls and the new auto target helps alot in combat and thankfully, the benny hill style combat where your target runs off at warp speed doesnt happen all that often now.

The game did need changing and there were probably alot of other things they could have done first. Stream lining the learning curve was a good start but content is king and with no new content added for lvl 90s, leaves the game a little wanting at times

Having experienced alot of MMOs, WoW is certainly the new fad. However, I found it lacking as well but Blizzard know what they are doing and SOE could learn alot from them on how to run communities.

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