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Mimicking Slate's nonchalant tone, Cass answered, "Cassss... sandra..." Then, she frowned. "Morgan. Yeah, that's right. Cassandra Morgan." She smiled again. "Most who know me call me Cass."

Then, her nose wrinkled. "I don't typically make a habit of scanning surface thoughts... but you've made it so damn easy." She looked back at him, her violet eyes displaying some mixture of understanding and disgust. "And the sort of thoughts you've got in there are the sort you'd want to keep hidden from a telepath. Work on that, will you?"

Without waiting for an answer, she turned to face forward again. "So, Slate Q'nal... you're a..." she paused, cocking her head as if listening. "... something for hire... or something like that, am I right?"

((MA, I imagine that there are people who are completely unfamiliar with the name Cassandra Morgan, but I think it's pretty well known amongst mercenaries at least... and a good deal more than just them. So I just have one question for you... does Slate recognize the name? And would Cass pick up on the fact that he knows of her? oh, guess that was two questions ))

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