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Name: Elizabeth Ryan
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Personality: A little harsh at times, sarcastic, and she rarely smiles. In battle, she's aggressive, but she'll follow orders if they're given.

Biography: Some say Elizabeth Ryan was brainwashed and reeducated, stripped of emotion. They figure that's the only good explanation for how emotionless she appears when in battle. But as she says nothing of her past, there can be no confirmation of this. But truth be told, there is very little of her past that she remembers. She has learned not to care about whatever happened in her past; the present is all that matters now.

Strengths: An amazing sense of logic, a vast amount of knowledge on the Brieders' battle tactics, strengths and weaknesses, steady aim of almost any light weapon she handles

Weaknesses: At times, Liz can be overly cold and careless, especially with other humans. She experiences very little in the way of emotion and has difficulty understanding those who allow themselves to be overcome by it.

Appearance: Image: Elizabeth Ryan

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Before the shout of 'ambush' had been made, Liz was ready, her rifle already shouldered and prepared to fire. Before Faith had given her suggestion of single-shot fire, Liz was doing it. In complete silence, she aimed and fired, aimed and fired. She was very methodical with her shots and each one connected with an enemy, taking it down. When the threat was over, she relaxed only a little, her rifle still at her shoulder, waiting.

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