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Imperial looking through a probe droid: That luke is stupid once someone gets shot there just dead he as stupid as a mynock anyway WHAT IN THE WORLD SHOT HIM!!!

Imperial 2: I dont know sir

Imperial: Well um where is that planet

Imperial 2: Yavin 4 sir

Imperial: Well lets move out with the ahh... whats left

Imperial 2: Not much sir

Imperial: Well its sought of obvious we still have the death star right hey

Imperial 2: Actully sir we don't have the death star

Imperial: Good... WAIT WHAT

Imperial 2: um you heard me


Imperial 2: There was rebels there too

Imperial: Well l would do the same to them

Imperial 2: Well that would be fun

Imperial: Its time to get rid of these rebels because this war is getting out of our hands so we need to get out the super weapon that we been saving you know experiment 25... ahh whats the rest the one you know thats finished

Imperial 2: Experiment 2506

Imperial: Yeah yeah that one bring it in

* the imperial hooks up and comm link to the centre to release it to the paticular coordinates that they were in*

Imperial 2: Its comming now

Imperial: Good ooh here it is now

*the leviathin which is a secong and more powerful then the original arrived at the station the imperials were at. this website on star will tell you some of the things but this one is enhanced which is twice the size of the original it has 50 blaster cannons on it and it has its own special cloning facility which is greatly enhanced from the original kamonian cloning tanks now this one can only take a hour to grow to full size and be ready for war and its hyperdrive generator is now more powerful and now it has 8 turbo lasers and has 20 ion cannons and has a very powerful tractor beam but this is what it looks like javascriptopExpanded('databank',%20'/databank/starship/leviathan/img/eu_bg.jpg') go to this web sit to see it

Imperial: Isn't she a beauty she is ready to go

Imperial 2: It needs one more bolt

Imperial: Ok put it in

*a stormtrooper puts it in then does a thumbs up*

Imperial: Great lets got to um wheres princess leia

Imperial 2: She is at yavin 4

Imperial: Then where going there

Imperial 2: YES SIR! (he said very excitenly)

*they hyperspace to yavin 4*

Luke: I sense a disturbance in the force

Tj: I sense it too...

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Poffesion: Entertainer
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