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I think the CU was a moderately good move as it could benefit (IE: Getting more Health without having to buff all the damn time for a Fortune :P) along with the new Weapons however it went down hill once the Newbies started Complaining saying "Oh this game is too hard make it Easy bla bla bla Bit** whine" then NGE was made as a "New Exciting way of game play" after NGE I could'nt even level up either because they NERFED the good XP animals / People or it was too Fu**ing hard to kill the Animals on Mustafar and Kashyyyk and made every quest Level 90 unlike in Pre-CU and CU were the Quests differed on Planet and level

I have Noticed with every newer patch they copy WoW ( Expertise was in WoW before SOE even saw it) I say don't copy WoW LEARN FROM IT OR GO A DIFFERANT PATH. you don't see level 90 in wow you see 60 and now the new 70 (just for Flying mounts featured in TBC) I hope SOE sees were they messed up cause now its just like Every other MMO I feel SWG is losing its Uniqueness.

*Changed cause I did'nt like old much*
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