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Thumbs up Ultimate Sequel

It would be really cool if you got to use vehicles like in Halo, but i think it would be sweet if the sequel was like a team of elite fighter pilots (and with the flying not all stupid and unrealistic like in star wars galactic battlegrounds where you can flip and about face all fast). I also want to know what happened to Sev (just to make sure he's dead), and maybe include Omega Squad (from the books). I think the ultimate would be with Darman and Etain's son, who is beginning to understand the force and thus has super fast reflexes but no a lightsaber or anything. Maybe's the game could be about his part in fighting the Yuzzhan Vong (alien conquers that come in after the sixth movie), but then he'd need a squad, or itd be like the Jango Fett games. Hmm... actually i think the best would be Delta squad with a new member and they are trying to escape from Order 66 cause all the commandos (according to the books) were brought up to trust the Jedi completely and probably didn't know Order 66. That would be awesome, and i personally think it should take place on a snowy planet (call me nostalgic for Hoth).
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