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The parachute plumed above him and jerked Kyle in his harness. He was 1,000 feet up and falling quickly. He looked below him and saw two vans next to a trench. Inside the trench he saw flecks of muzzle flash.

'Must be Spartans,' he thought. The Brieders were approaching the the trench at a moderately quick pace. Then he saw plume of smoke careen towards the nearest Tank, downing it. As he neared the ground, he turned towards an open stretch of land, and yanked down hard on the 'chute's directional lines. He immediately dropped and touched ground, trying to slow himself down with his feet. He pulled the quick release on his harness and pulled out his 9mm firearm and ducked behind cover of the nearest van. Hearing a lull in the fire, he sprinted towards the trench, and slid feet first into it, making a not so graceful entrance to slam against the opposing trench wall.

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