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Originally Posted by cutmeister
*sigh* I guess maybe this is worth posting...
Originally Posted by Feargus Urquhart on Obsidian's forums, 2007-APR-04
Finally, I should probably talk about the twin gorillas in the closet. I'm sure there's a correct analogy in there somewhere, but that's what came to mind. Anyway, I'm speaking of the the KotOR3 and Fallout gorillas. Both of those are games that I and everyone else here at Obsidian would love to make. I don't know if we will ever get the chance, but I do continue to talk with LucasArts about what might be going on with KotOR3.
Source: Top Ten @ Obsidian, Featuring Feargus Urquhart

So at least we know that Obsidian's position hasn't changed and they're still interested in making KotOR 3. Not new news but rather a recent reaffirmation of Obsidian's previously expressed position.
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Actually, this looks like good news to me.

I realise Obsidian has said in the past that they'd do KotOR3, but to me that never sounded like more than willingness to do the project, or even that they'd just like the work.

But Feargus is not just anyone, and if he's actually pushing for KotOR3 actively, then at least we're not forgotten and Lucasarts is not allowed to simply forget about KotOR.

Also, if Obsidian is pushing for this, then it suggests to me that they actually do have some ideas of what should happen in K3, which could mean that there is indeed an outline for a K3 plot lying around that Obsidian is anxious to do. That would also be a good thing, I think, since that - if true - would me that a KotOR3 game will not get some rushed plot thrown onto it if and when it finally does come out.

Thanks for posting this, Cutmeister.

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