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Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
.....George Lucas himself has suggested that he may move the series to different eras of the Expanded Star Wars Universe, possibly indicating a Kotor series sometime in the future....

hmm...lets see - a wiki article written by a fanboy vs an interview with GL himself(see my link above). I wonder which is a more credible source!

In that very interview GL said a firm no to EU material being made into anything specific. He says that they use EU as 'an inspiration' (ie. characters, names, places). Since KOTOR era stuff has been covered in the games and comics, this one must be a longshot. It is really difficult to call what GL is interested apart from Clone Wars/Civil Ware era stuff. He has never mentioned anything specific about this in any source. He did write about Bane in teh TPM novelisation, but that was backstory to explain why the sith had disappeared for the last 1000 years.

lets just see how these series go first


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