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Cass' eyes widened. "Ooh..." she muttered. "Guess they didn't see us..." She swerved aside, just as the tractor beam caught hold of Cade's ship.

"Interceptors, fighters," Cass observed. "Part of a pirate fleet, if I had to guess. Don't worry, Slate. We'll not loose them."

With a short burst of speed, Cass swept up and behind the interceptor's sensors, flaring her engines as she did so to simulate a jump to hyperspace. Then, she cut power to the engines and docked very gently atop the interceptor, undetected.

"One more benefit of my little ship here," Cass said, flicking a switch. "Docking camouflage." The fighter shimered faintly and vanished entirely. "Downside of it is that it only works when I'm parked... but still nice for hitching rides on the backs of any unsuspecting pirates!" She grinned and powered down all systems except life support.

"And now, we wait," she told Slate.

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