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Imperial: This getting so boring

Imperial 2: What sir

Imperial: This stupid mobile phone when l want to do something a text message pops up saying that korriban is under attack and the only thing l got onto was ringtones and the only song on it is that stupid rock aby baby song you know it

Imperial 2: Maybe we should go to korriban and destroy the sith there

Imperial: I have a great idea we will go to korriban and kill the sith

Imperial 2: (his so stupid(he is thinking)) should l get the shuttle ready

Imperial: No No we will take the leviathan

Imperial 2: (he is sooooo stupid) We going to take the shuttle to the leviathan

Imperial: Oh ok

*the 2 imperials took a shuttle to the leviathan that just basically demolished the jedi academy there and when they arrived they took the leviathan close to the surface to shoot them*

Tj: No way what is that

Darth Blaze: What is that!

Darth Blaze on comm to darth aap: Darth Blaze here there is a large ship that has no weakness and can not be identified

Darth Aap: I sense it, it is the leviathan

Darth Blaze: What that but it is so BIG!

Darth Aap: They doubled everything on there even some tripled be careful l am un aware of its presence at korriban

Imperial that intercepted comm: BLAST THERE HEADS OFF LIKE THE STUPID JEDI!!!!!!

Darth Aap: Run darth blaze get out of there quickly come to yavin 4 now!

Darth Blaze: Ok l agree lm leaving

*the leviathin starts to fire at korriban to destroy them and took out 3 quarters of there army and when they got to space it took out an 8th of there army (lm not all that good with maths)*

Darth Blaze: Unbelivable it has so many blasters on that thing and so many heavy turrents how can they have that

*darth Blaze arrives at yavin 4 and sees darth aap alone in the middle of a torn apart academy*

Darth Blaze: Good on you darth aap you blasted these jedis heads of

Darth Aap: it was not me it was the empire that did this and where is the army?

Darth Blaze: Um only one transport survived the battle since there was only transports we were vunreble...

To continue (l dont need to be the one to continue it)

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