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Good to see they are still working on improving the game and not just abandoning it like many other game companies seem to do with their products nowadays.

Originally Posted by Pavlos

The patch has been removed due to some technical difficulty or another - it should be back soon enough.
It sure sounds reassuring that a patch can go through a full beta test cycle and be released only to be yanked moments later due to presumably serious enough issues.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
--A beta implementation of Multi-Select is now available as an option in both the DM Client and main game client.

--Augment Summoning and Augment Healing are now selectable once their prerequisites have been met.

--Players can now adjust the scale of their player models in the character creation process.

--The Chat Window is no longer cleared after an area transition.
Hmm, is multi-select similar to how you controlled your party in the Baldur's Gate and PS:Torment games, where you can put your party members into formations and move them in groups? I hope the controls are configurable for those of us who don't push around a small keyboard on our mousepads.

I hope they've fixed the Augment feats actually being used by the scripts as well. The majority of the cure spells ignored the Augment Healing feat entirely before.

Variable character scale would have been nice with my Dark Elf warlock so she wouldn't have to be roughly the same height as Khelgar. Wonder if you can adjust the scale of your character afterwards as well? I started a new character recently and wouldn't be too keen on having to start over. Perhaps can be modified in the savegame with a GFF editor.

As for the chat window keeping its content:
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