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i can understand that. i'm not the only person in the world.
****, i can only get on when it suits me, and everyone else... >.>
working mid's suck.

well you know i'm fully ready and able to make posts, i just want to go places with what we got right now.

pth, well, cant really say much about that, im thinking of an idea for pth, but that has to do with a character whom is now played by a whole other person, which i dont think such would be interested in a story
although i'd prolly have to pass it by you first XD
another note: Cracern in PTH, not sure where to pop him further in exsistance, dont see where i can throw him in and or around people. kinda want to avoid a little emo situation and just flip out on npc's cus "life's not fair"

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