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[NWN2] Expansion Pack and Model Exporter announced!

Mod note: I split it since it's probably better to have this in a separate thread after all. The thread title was getting too long to include all that. ~M

Two threads about this game in the space of two days didn't seem right, so I just thought I'd post this piece of exciting information (well, I think it is exciting... but I liked Peragus so what do I know?)

Obsidian's Blog

Originally Posted by Rob McGinnis
Granny Beta Underway!

Thatís right! We started a closed beta last week for the Granny Animation export tools for Max. With this tool, Custom Content Community members will be able to create creatures, placeables, clothing and much more to extend the content of Neverwinter Nights 2! Many of your favorite Custom Content people are involved in the beta. Hopefully next week I will have some screenshots to share.

Being that the beta just started, it will be a little while before the tools can be released to the community.
I'd imagine that we'll start to see the custom content community start to pick up a bit more once we can successfully model creatures and so forth.

Edit: Oh... well, that's small time news because now we're getting an expansion pack . Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer.

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