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Darth Blaze: Only me, one sith master and some troops got away. Korriban is shot to dust. This thing they have, it's some kind of massive capital ship. I didn't even need a superlaser to destroy korriban.

Darth Aap: Send ALL ships that we have on that thing. And don't forget to destroy the starforge first.

Darth Blaze; D-destroy the starforge?!

Darth Aap: Its very unlikely that our ships will win against this thing and the last thing i want is that the empire gets their hands on the starforge. Then they would truely be unstoppable.

Darth Blaze: But can't they rebuild it?

Darth Aap: Yes they can, but they will never be able to restore the dark powers of it. Only a true sith can do that.

Darth Blaze: And what about us. Were being hunt down by a group of very angry jedi.

Darth Aap: Let me handle them. When i was on korriban last week i discovered some very nice fighting techniques. I can now use the speed of force run in combat. Beside that i learned an ancient technique called force-crush. I can also use the force to stealth myself, and way more stuff. With these thinks I can defeat any jedi.

Darth Blaze: Awesome.

Darth Aap: Let's lure them into a trap. heh heh heh.

The group of surviviors from korriban went to a hidden underground hideout to plan an ambush for the jedi. One that could wipe em all out at once.
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