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Originally Posted by Pavlos
Thatís right! We started a closed beta last week for the Granny Animation export tools for Max. With this tool, Custom Content Community members will be able to create creatures, placeables, clothing and much more to extend the content of Neverwinter Nights 2!
I'd imagine that we'll start to see the custom content community start to pick up a bit more once we can successfully model creatures and so forth.
Very nice. Even if I'm not a modeling guru it's always useful to be able to tweak and adjust things with the models. I wonder if there will be an Import Tool as well, so you can tweak existing models, or if you must create them from scratch?

Hopefully it will work for gmax as well and not just 3dsmax. The latter is a bit expensive to pick up to use for minor model tweaks for a game.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
Edit: Oh... well, that's small time news because now we're getting an expansion pack . Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer.
Ohh... seems like they do continue the current story and doesn't just leave us buried under a pile of rubble for the rest of eternity. Seems like it will be more action-oriented and less dialog-oriented than NWN2 was though... Don't know if that's a good idea (unless I misinterpret what that Press Release stated).

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