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Casting Call ~ Star Wars: Darkness Falls

First off, this is fair warning: this will be a Knights of the Old Republic era story. Yes, we're aware that there's a forum for KotOR. We've completed this RP once over there, and loved the storyline so much we wanted to play it again with a different cast of characters.

The basic plot line is simple - a strange new Sith Lord has arisen out of nowhere, and seems to be searching for something. The Jedi Exile gets swept into the thick of things, and is reunited with an old acquaintance along the way. A mysterious stranger also arises from the pages of the Exile's history, and she must come to terms with her emotions, lest they consume her completely.

ForceFightWMe12, one of my coauthors in the original story, will play the parts of Kira Starr (the Jedi Exile), and Atton Rand. I myself will be playing as both Amol Kotay (more commonly known as Revan), as well as a mysterious man known only as 'the Doctor'.

The basic RP rules apply. I'd also like to request that there be a limit to the number of Jedi characters registered. You may register as any of the Exile's crew, the ambiguous nature of the game's ending notwithstanding. We shall assume that the entire crew escaped aboard the Ebon Hawk, and that none of the companions killed each other. The only character that we do not wish to have played is G0-T0, for plot reasons. Any of Revan's companions may be played as well, though we would prefer that Bastila not be played. The villain is off limits. If you'd like to play a bad guy, PM me. Also, for now, I'd like to have only one character per player. If you really have your heart set on playing two or more characters, again, PM me.

This thread will be used for character sheets, as well as thread discussion. As people join, I will create a list of players and their respective characters.


The Doctor ~ Amol Kotay (Revan); The Doctor
ForceFightWMe12 ~ Kira Starr (The Jedi Exile); Atton Rand
The Scriblerian ~ Avlen Graves
Miracle ~ Visas Marr
Grace ~ Raquel Annerire
Master_Archon ~ Scud
Aedan ~ Drake Incik
Curt-Man ~ Davendithas Loyalar

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