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This sounds excellent! It's fantastic to hear they're planning to continue the story.

Hopefully they'll incorporate the option to play as evil PC in this, as they seem to have canonized the ending as the good one. (But then again, that ending would show up if you refused to share any power with him)

Hmm, I'd hope the line "the player awakens alone and stranded" doesn't mean all the party members got killed off... I'd hate to adventure throughout Thay without AJ, Grobnar or all the rest.
Especially after they were nice enough to kill off Shandra, too! That would be truly ironic.

Well, the expansion looks to have a lot of potential, and that's not even getting into the new features. Epic levels (yay, my wizard can cast Hellball again) and all those new classes... And this new toolset feature looks great, too (though kind of vague).

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