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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Hopefully they'll incorporate the option to play as evil PC in this, as they seem to have canonized the ending as the good one. (But then again, that ending would show up if you refused to share any power with him)
Quite, I wouldn't classify the ending options in NWN2 as a Good ending and an Evil ending, but rather as a smart ending and a brain dead ending. No evil character with an INT score above 10 would pick the second one unless they are either blinded by power and doubt their own ability to beat the KOSH, or are insane, IMO.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Hmm, I'd hope the line "the player awakens alone and stranded" doesn't mean all the party members got killed off... I'd hate to adventure throughout Thay without AJ, Grobnar or all the rest.
Hopefully at least some of them return, if not all of them. Could be like in Baldur's Gate II where you get separated at the beginning but get a chance to meet up with some old party members from BG1 later in the game (along with a bunch of new ones).

At least the ones who didn't betray you and sided with the KOSH and subsequently got killed by you. If the expansion continues with a NWN2 savegame then the outcome of that scene will likely be available for the expansion pack to use.

To start with a full roster of party members at the beginning of the game could make the party progression somewhat stale.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Well, the expansion looks to have a lot of potential, and that's not even getting into the new features. Epic levels (yay, my wizard can cast Hellball again)
At least unless they implement the backlash part of Hellball this time, otherwise it will only turn your wizard into a suicide bomber unless you've put a fair number of attribute points in CON.

I hope the selection of epic spells, feats and abilities is somewhat more inspired than the ones in NWN:HotU, where some of the epic spells didn't feel all that epic.

Originally Posted by Balderdash
Who can tell me about Rashemen and Thay? I don't know much about them really. I remember there was that wizard from Thay at the beginning of SoU.
There is a short description of them on Wikipedia. Essentially Rashemen is a "wild" country that's ruled by an order of spellcasting witches, while Thay is a Lawful Evil Magocracy ruled by the Red Wizards of Thay, and where the Red Wizards and Rashemen witches are sworn enemies.

If you've played the Baldur's Gate series of games you've met a few characters from there. Edwin was a Red Wizard of Thay, Dynaheir was a Rashemen witch, and Minsc&Boo was a ranger/berserker from Rashemen.

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